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When stopping in time saves a fortune! Ignore now and pay later.

2nd April 2018
Hindsight is a wonderful thing indeed. How many times have you done something and regretted it afterwards? It could be a little thing such as an impulse purchase you could ill afford, or much worse, exchanging emails with an African businessman prior to sending £4000 of your life savings by Western Union for a promised share of […]

Less than perfect timing – more BMW engine woes!

23rd January 2018
Modern Diesel engined cars are wonderful, aren’t they? So much power, efficiency and low emissions (well, during testing at least) whilst not rattling anywhere nearly as much as they used to. One of the best selling ‘luxury’ car brands, BMW, have been at the forefront of Diesel technology for many years, but it wasn’t always […]

It’s almost Christmas so here’s a little poem I’ve written about a day in the garage………

22nd December 2017
‘Twas the day before Christmas and dumped outside our door  Was a 10 year old Astra whose engine was poor.  The mechanics were all getting ready to leave  But it was pushed in the workshop with a reluctant heave    Their tools were all nestled all snug in their chests  But the boss said it wasn’t quite time to […]

We’re back! What to expect from thegarageblog over the coming months

6th December 2017
It’s been almost a year now since I last posted but I’m pleased to say that normal service has been resumed. Much has been happening over the last year in the exciting* world of running a busy garage and I’ve many tales to tell of scams, rip-offs and shoddy workmanship (not from us I might […]

Halfords in the news again (for the wrong reasons!) – A ‘less than thorough’ MOT Test.

20th December 2016
A great story from Halfords MOT tester guilty of issuing a pass without doing test Whistle blower contacted the DVSA with concerns that a tester was issuing certificates without inspecting cars A Halfords MOT fraudster has been charged. Image credit: Google Street View. Steven McDermott, an ex-employee at St Austell’s Halfords Autocentre, admitted that […]

They don’t call them ‘Main Stealers’ for nothing!

12th April 2016
On the whole, I try to think of the car repair and servicing business as a fundamentally honest game. Unlike the offshore tax affairs of politicians and the super rich, the simple act of a professional technician carrying out necessary repairs and servicing to your car in exchange for a fair price paid to the […]

An enlightening case of how a correct diagnosis can save a fortune!

28th January 2016
It’s not often that Adam (our service manager) has a day off but last Friday was one such day so I was left in the ‘hot seat’ in reception. Amid the usual chaos of cars arriving, parts being delivered, staff bickering and cold calls from ‘your local energy provider’ that just happen to sound like […]

It’s Christmas time again!

23rd December 2015
  As it appears to be that time of the year again, here’s a little car-related ditty I wrote…..   On the twelfth day of Christmas the AA towed to me…….   Twelve Bearings humming Eleven exhausts leaking Ten turbos tinkling Nine gaskets blowing Eight engines idling Seven wheels wobbling Six sensors failing Five broken […]

The curious case of the customer that couldn’t be pleased!

3rd October 2015
I like to think that we’re a pretty friendly and understanding bunch at Swiftest. Our reception manager is particularly adept at communicating with customers and ensuring that we meet (and regularly exceed) their expectations. I know that when your car goes wrong, it can be traumatic, but we always try to make the situation as […]

Treat your car to a Terraclean treatment and feel the benefits!

29th July 2015
Compared to the thirsty, polluting cars of yesteryear, the modern family car is nothing short of a minor miracle. Since 1992, all petrol cars on sale in the UK have had catalytic converters fitted which reduced harmful emissions to previously unheard of levels and every few years, emissions laws become more stringent and car manufacturers […]