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Company Vehicle Fleet Management Services

If, like several of our customers, your company runs a small fleet of cars or light vans and you are unhappy with the service and cost of using franchised dealers, read on.

We offer a complete fleet management solution for small company fleets (typically up to 10 vehicles). Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever waited so long to be put through to a franchised dealers service department, only to be ‘fobbed-off’ or had to leave another unreturned message when calling to see if your vehicle is ready for collection?
  • Have you ever gone to collect your company vehicle and found that they haven’t carried out ALL the little jobs you asked them to, only to have to re-book it for another day to finish it?
  • Have you ever checked through the bill and wondered why it’s SO expensive – do they think that just because your company is paying, they can charge what they like?

If any of these scenarios are familiar to you, we can assure you that they’ve all happened to us as well. We aim to make the running of a small fleet as painless, convenient and cost effective as possible. Changes to the ‘EEC Block Exemption’ laws  in 2003 meant that a suitably equipped independent workshop can maintain cars that are still under manufacturers warranty, without invalidating it.
With our hourly labour typically 30% lower than even the cheapest main dealer workshop, it’s all too easy to see the cost savings. This, coupled to the fact that we don’t charge for the dreaded ‘sundries’ or charge 0.5hr labour to change a headlight bulb, you’ll begin to wonder why you wasted your companies money for so long.

If you’re worried about keeping track of your fleet service and maintenance requirements, our stare-of-the-art Autowork software records details of every penny spent on each vehicle, and can provide an instant printout of service history. We can also remind you when your next service is due
We offer full credit account facilities (subject to approval), free courtesy cars and free local collection or delivery. We appreciate that as a business, your vehicles are invaluable to you and we guarantee to do our utmost to keep you on the road.

If you’d like any further information on these services, or would like an estimate of savings you could make, please contact us via the contact us page of our website.

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