Female Friendly Garage

Female Friendly Garage Aldershot

We're a 'female friendly' garage

As recommended on www.foxyladydrivers.com

Here's what they say about us:

In an industry that isn’t overly famous for being female friendly, FOXY Choice’s garage subscribers know that it’s the people that matter most in a business and that it’s very important to convey a friendly image at all times.

Under normal circumstances it is enough to show their Unipart Car Care Centre credentials, that they care sufficiently to wear a smile & clean overalls and that the workshop is neat and tidy…

But when the staff are handsome too ;-) , then that is a bonus for local women drivers as female friendly FOXY Choice garage subscriber Swiftest Aldershot illustrates very well.

As you might expect, this business employs females in what is predominantly a male-dominated industry, has female friendly magazines and knows that a park next door can help Mums entertain young children whilst their car is being MOT’d, repaired or serviced.

Good one Swiftest Aldershot!!

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