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UK's 'triple dip' recession may have some good news for the motor trade at least.

Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises

About Swiftest Motor Services

Car Repair, Car Servicing, MOT Testing & Car Sales, Aldershot, Hampshire

Since we opened in 1994, we’ve been dedicated to providing a cost-effective, friendly, honest and reliable service for virtually all types of vehicle repairs, servicing and MOT testing.

Qualified Car Mechanics

All our technicians are fully qualified to NVQ Level 3, and you’ll find our reception staff friendly and helpful.

Best deals on parts

When we quote for a job, the labour cost will be based on industry-standard ICME job times, plus the cost of the parts at regular high-street prices. We will always shop-around to find the best deals on parts using a variety of suppliers, to save you money.

Honest and Reliable

We aim to take the mystery out of the car repair and servicing business by being up-front with prices and ensuring there are never any ‘nasty surprises’ in your invoice when you come to collect your vehicle.

Ask yourself these questions and see if any to your previous experience of garage services:

  • I only popped in for one tyre and they’ve told me I need a full set, four new shock absorbers, a new exhaust AND a battery. Were they telling the truth when he said that ALL those parts were worn out?
  • When I booked the service, I was quoted as about £150, why is my bill nearly £600? nobody called to tell me it’d be any more. I just can’t afford to pay that much.
  • I’ve just had a ‘new’ clutch fitted, so why do I have to go back there every 4 weeks for an ‘adjustment’ they tell me that if I don’t, they won’t honour the warranty?
  • I saw their offer of a ‘free brake inspection’ and thought I’d take the car along. I always thought the brakes felt fine, yet they’re telling me I need new discs, pads and wheel cylinders all round which is going to cost £450. The funny thing is, my husband took his car there last week and they told him the same! Our cars passed the MOT recently so how can everything need replacing all at once?
  • Does it really cost £50 for 5 litres of oil? I’m sure I can buy the same grade at a motorspares shop for only £12. And why do they always charge for oil in expensive half litre cans?
  • Why did they charge me £20 extra labour just to change a headlight bulb?
  • Why was I charged £2.50 for screenwash, when I’d only filled it up that same morning?
  • What are ‘sundries’ and why do they cost extra and appear on EVERY bill?

If any of these scenarios are familiar to you, and you were left feeling ‘ripped-off’ after collecting your car, maybe it‘s time you gave us a call.

We have thousands of customers who prefer our honest, no-nonsense approach to the car repair and servicing business.

t: 01252 338588/334745

Registered in England: 2847128 Registered office: 17 Blackwater Way, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4DN V.A.T.No. 641 1620 77